Friday, 5 July 2019


HI Bloggers introduction

On wednesday the 3th of july we went on a class trip to have a look around town.

We we went on to the bus then went to town we had the coolest bus it bends in the middle the middle spins it was so fun to watch it was so fun 
Eventually we went in to the library the class lied up with there pire .

The class went to that imaginashon stachon we had to build a town with lego it was challenging at first but then it was not so challenging my groups town was not the best but I was proud of it it was sosososososo good my team thought so I made the church some of the other legoes are were cool team number 2 was creative because they made a traffic light there road was so cool t and everything was well planned and in order and it was very tidy and if you looked at the plan you could see everything very well.

 We packed up then we had a sit down then we left to go back to school  we went to the margaret mahy park I was so puffed when we left but the library was nice and could .

Hopped on the bus and went back to school then went back home.
This trip was the best trip I've every been on.

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